In our digital society the good quality in communication with the clients is an expectation. It is simply not enought to organize the work with only e-mails and Excels. Above an amount of tasks it goes to the expense of performance if the processes have to be investigated where they are. It is hard to prepare.

In our accelerated world if we do not want to fall behind or we do not want to use more resources to keep the company in progress, it is necessary to introduce a system that gathers and controls the tasks at the company, like internal and external processes, projects, deadlines with the customers, suppliers and clients together.

What may be the solution?

A controlling-approached, customizable, process-controlled IT system!

A system that highlights the engine of the company management, the process management and makes it a useful tool for everyone.

The purpose of the Shogunflow System is to fully controll the flow of the information and the processes.

Today`s controlling management systems want to controll everything, that creates a huge amount of extra work with the administration, complicates the  everyday life of leaders with the large data mass what has to be monitored.

We would like to introduce a solution what help to synchronize the everyday tasks of the company, client relations in a simple calculable way, without any risks.

The solution is the ShogunFlow System!

  The purpose of the leadership of the company clearly:

The company`s operation has to be simply coordinated and monitored.

To know what is the status of company`s processes!

The deadlines to be kept!

To be trackable who and what does currently, what are their related tasks in the system.

To reach continously increasing and stable income and profit.

  What are the symptoms of you need this solution?

- Your company is covered in documents

- The monitoring of the processes slip out of hand

- Hopeless to track the everyday events

- You can not find the information that you need immediately

- The document that you need right now is lost

- You have the document, but you can not find the attachement, history...etc documents

- Nobody remembers the modifications

- You can not judge the performance of you co-workers

- You have no time to truly track the currently active processes

- You are fed up with the fact that nothing can be found where it should be

- You are fed up with the disorganization

- You are exhausted because you have to monitor everything

- You are tired of being late with the client`s deadlines

- Your clients complaining about being late with the tasks

- You are unable to pare down process management idling

- You can not overcome the administrational chaos

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